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New Smyrna Beach Area - Indian River Lagoon - Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Report

August 30, 2022

We’re winding down summer and been getting after the big redfish and big snook every day lately around New Smyrna Beach and Ponce Inlet. We’re also still catching some solid trout in the shallow water of Mosquito Lagoon and finding lot of tarpon moving around all the backwaters. Assuming we don’t have any tropical storms move through…things should remain pretty consistent through late October. So you still have time to get in on the big trophy size fish for another couple months before the colder weather arrives. My calendar is pretty much full for September. I do have some dates available still for October or November. Call, email or text to find out dates and how to get on my calendar!

Monster redfish are still top target of most of my trips lately. All the big redfish in the region are headed to Ponce Inlet to spawn over the next 2-3 months. It’s been a consistent bite around the tide cycles. Everyone on my boat has had success landing redfish over 40 inches this summer…some days we get a few, other days we get 10+ landed. We’ve also been catching smaller redfish under 30 inches in the shallow water of Mosquito Lagoon. Sea grass has made a great comeback this year and we’re able to sight cast redfish tailing on the grass flats and others working shorelines and oyster beds like the days of old. Some trout and snook usually find their way to the boat in the process.

August was ridiculous good for big snook in New Smyrna Beach and Ponce Inlet. There were hundreds of big snook schooled up to spawn and now that it’s over they are scattering into the Indian River Lagoon backwaters again. We had multiple epic days with 20-30 hook ups on big snook in the 32-40 inch range. Amazing considering just over 10 yrs ago you could barely find a single snook living around here. We are also finding good numbers of smaller snook in the backwaters of Mosquito Lagoon. Snook fishing will remain pretty good out into mid November as they transition to their fall and winter hangouts.

In the backwaters of Mosquito Lagoon and the Indian River Lagoon we are still catching some decent spotted sea trout. Majority of the speckled trout are in the 17-25 inch range with some scattered bigger ones. We really don’t spend a lot of time fishing for trout this time of year as it’s really the time to target other things. But we are having some good action catching them when they are mixed in with redfish and snook on the shallow flats.

A lot of tarpon are in the Central Florida region currently. Strong numbers moving around the backwaters of the Lagoon and some big ones cruising the beach in the ocean. Variety of sizes from 20-100+ pounds. They’ll around until the first cold fronts start to arrive then they’ll keep working their way south. Can target them on a variety of live baits and lures.  Willing to sit on the all day if you want, I find it's better to give them 30 minutes and move on if they aren't cooperating.

September is pretty much full on my calendar. I have dates available in October and November. Text message or call me at 386-212-4931 or send me an email to secure a date. Read my fishing charter page to view the top reasons why you should book your trip with me today! I look forward to fishing with you soon.

Some recent client catches since last report ...

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